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Netflix company is an international provider of internet and media almost around all the world, in north and south america, Europe, Australia etc. it is based on the travel by internet, for see media, DVD, movies, series and more

reed hastings

Reed Hastings and fellow software executive Marc Randolph co-found Netflix to offer online movie rentals, during the pass of the years, the members start increasing because of the monthly subscriptions and quality of the material produced by netflix

In people

*this internet provider have become very important for the people that use it because of the fact that it turn into a very entertainment way for get us distracted and relax with our best series and movies.

*in other way this entertainment is fast becoming like a buffet of all you can eat, in other words it has became like a drug that distract us to much from our live


Netflix's View: Internet TV is replacing linear TV

maybe in a near future some people think that with the apps of netflix, and his internet, soon it will replace linear tv worlwide

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