Shepard Elementary

Heading into February....

Check the calendar below to see all we have going on for our Fabulous Fridays in February!!!

Safety Audit Review:

We did very well on the safety audit, but a few things to keep in mind...

1. Always lock up your valuables

2. If you see someone an adult on campus - make sure to ask for a badge. This is imperative outside. We often have contractors on campus, but they should all sign in and have a badge. If you ever see someone on campus (inside or outside) without a badge - escort them to the office. If you are outside - radio the office for assistance AND stay with the person - do not allow them to speak to any students.


Week of January 27th:



Wednesday: Kristin is coming back! SBIC Meeting 3:00-4:00


Friday: DST Meeting 9:00; PTA Movie Night

Week of February 3rd:



Wednesday: Kristin and Kate out for leadership meeting

Thursday: 9:00 LPAC


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To Do

1. Make sure to have an assigned staff member in each grade level to check the pod doors every morning to make sure they are locked.

2. Update all Tier 2 and Tier 3 documentation in Edugence.

3. Make sure to add important dates in your parent communication. For example, this week, it would be helpful to add something about PTA movie night on Friday!

January and February Birthdays!

Looking forward to a fabulous birthday month:

January 2: Diane

January 4: Ashleigh

January 7: Kulsum AND Kate

January 9: Julie

January 12: Tamara

January 16: Heather

February 5: Erin

February 16: Emma

February 18: Marieca

February 25: Brittney

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