1st Communion Preparation

October 10, 2017 - Emmaus Catholic Parish

This monthly newsletter will keep you up-to-date on sacrament preparation for your child this year.

Preparation Timeline


Sept: Classes begin / submit paperwork (see below)

Oct 22, 23, 25: Parent Session A - Reconciliation (during regular class)

Nov 5, 6, 8: Parent Session B - Reconciliation (during regular class)

Dec 10, 11, 13: Child celebrates the sacrament of Reconciliation


Jan 28, 29, 31: Parent Session A - Eucharist (during class)

Feb 25, 26, 28: Parent Session B - Eucharist (during class)

Mar: Submit RSVP for Communion Mass

April: Rehearsal at the end of month

May: 1st Communion Masses

RCIA Adapted Sessions

All sessions (8) are on Sundays at 1:30pm - 3:15pm in Room Multi B/C (upstairs)

  • 2017: Sept. 24th, Oct. 15th (this Sunday), Nov. 12th, Dec. 10th
  • 2018: Jan. 21st, Feb. 11th, Mar. 4th, April 8th

Who attends?

  • did not attend year 1 of faith formation and is requesting 1st Eucharist
  • is 7yrs. old or older and has not been baptized

Parent Reconciliation Sessions

There are 2 required Parent Reconciliation sessions that are held during your child's weekly faith formation class for your convenience. All dates are noted on the

Faith Formation Calendar

Session A - Oct 22, 23, 25

Sun 9am / 10:45am (Spanish)

Mon 4pm

Wed 4pm

Session B - Nov 5th, 6th, 8th

Required Paperwork is DUE

Click to view: Sacrament Guidelines

For Baptism only

Contact Info

If you have a question contact:

Bertha Halfmann

Text #: 512.413.1555 or email