Keorra Engleking, Maggie Brown, Logan Dye

How it is a Bio-Fuel

It is a Bio-Fuel because it is renewable resource from a plant or animal and in this case it is a plant resource to make the fuel.

Advanteges of Bio-Ethanol from wheat.

The advantages from making Bio-Ethanol is it can be produced in large quantities. It does not hurt our food supply, and it does not hurt environment.


Some of the disadvantages of making this is it will take ten years to make and put on market, and it cost 48.93 just to get one tonne from farmers. Also 40% of straw will be used for product or industrial purposes.

How it works

Residue products from food agriculture, such as straw could be used for making Bio-Ethanol

Did you know

If the waste parts are used for fuel, food crops plants could become effectively dual-use, producing both food and fuel

Other intersting info

2.9 million tons of straw was available to the UK after traditional uses had been taken into account

Would it be a good idea

It would be a bad idea because it take 10 years to make and $48.93 to just get the wheat for a batch from a farmer.