About Africa..!

Some Africans came to Texas for freedom, Job opportunities, education, and/or land. They started arriving in Texas in the 16th through the 19th centuries, and their population was about 200,000 which ended up being around 1.5 million!

African Holidays..!

One holiday the Africans celebrate is Human Rights Day on March 21st to remember those who died on that day. Another holiday is Freedom Day on April 27th to honor the first democratic elections in 1994. Lastly they celebrate a holiday called Worker's day which is their version of Labor Day.

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African Foods..!

Here are a few..

Baba Ghanoush- Mashed eggplant with virgin olive oil and seasoning.

Akara- Peeled black eyed peas made into balls and deep fried.

Couscous- A semolina pasta.

African culture!

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