June 2019 Team Meeting

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  • Accountability & Compliance
  • Enrichment
  • OSP
  • High School
  • SPED
  • Inspiring Parents
  • Curriculum

Funds Drops - Summer School

All funds will drop on July 1, 2019. All families, new and returning, will have access to instructional funds on the EOS on July 1st.

New families will be able to place orders July 1 but those orders will not be processed until July 15.

July funds can be used for curriculum, technology, and educational materials in order to plan and prepare for the school year.

Services Certificates can be used for June, July, and August only if both of these are in place:

· You have rollover funds that can be used for extended learning.

· Your teacher has assigned and approved those certificates before June 13.

Services Requests and Certificates using funds dropped July 1 will need to wait until August 1 until you are back and your teacher can approve the orders. Certificates for any classes and lessons must begin August 20 or after you return for the 2019-2020 school year.

For any questions or special circumstances please email our Enrichment Coordinator, Dawnelle Bailey: dawnelle@inspireschools.org, (619) 404-3187

Accountability & Compliance

SAA Exit Ticket Email for YET: When to expect?

  • Work Sample Exit Ticket - available now

  • Attendance Exit Ticket - starting June 13th




  • Please discuss the concept of consumable vs. non-consumable with your families

  • Consumable - Items are completely used up by the time students withdraw or graduate

  • Non-consumable - Items may be reused later by other students

  • Survey for inventory lists


  • Attended 31 events statewide over the past two weeks

  • Please include Irving Valondo, Enrichment Events Coordinator, in discussion when selecting dates for events

By request, office hours for teachers will continue to be held over the summer!

Online Subscription Package (OSP)


  • 2 new subscription options -- Elephango and Adventure Academy

  • Adventure Academy is only available through OSP - cannot be purchased through EOS

UPDATED FLYER (hyperlinked):


  • Families who do not wish to opt-in to the OSP will have the ability to select subscriptions a la carte -- prices are discounted based on the retail value and will be available in the OSP section on the EOS beginning August 1st

  • Inspire staff will also have the option to pay out of pocket to opt-in to the OSP -- options and pricing will be available on August 1st


  • Opt-in, opt-out, and a la carte preferences will be available in the EOS on August 1st

High School

New Course Outlines for 2019-2020!

  • Check out Section 5.5 for all ChoicePlus curriculum resources!

  • No more navigating the google drive catalog.

    • Access to the google drive has been restricted to eliminate confusion because some documents are outdated

Big picture
  • We will have one family friendly, flexible outline for each core course

  • All of our core courses are a-g approved so you will no longer see a-g in the title.

  • Match curriculum to the outline if using any curriculum that is not explicitly a-g approved.

  • The standards are met by doing the assignments in the outline or something educationally equivalent.

  • Please share the outlines from 5.5 of the handbook with your families as soon as they come online!


  • We also have a new elective resource

    • Linked at the bottom of section 5.5

    • This document also has an overview of general elective requirements

  • This is a comprehensive list of electives, that will match the options in Pathways.

    • Choose the elective that best aligns with your student’s interests

    • Each course title will be a link that will take you to a list of suggested curriculum for that course

HS Course Catalog (section 5.4 of the handbook) has been updated for 2019-20. This resource contains:
    • Course descriptions for each core course

    • A link to the elective list

    • Information on which courses are available as honors or AP

    • Course lists for all Inspire adopted curriculum

    • Links to course catalogs for popular ChoicePlus curriculum providers

    • Inspire’s honors and AP policy

High School: Report Cards & Transcripts

  • Community College Courses

    • Please remind students to send in official transcripts to Inspire

    • Grades need to be verified before the end of the school year

    • Hard copy transcripts can be mailed to the Records Department and digital transcripts can be emailed to Records@inspireschools.org

  • Inspire HS Transcripts

    • Students who need official transcripts can order them through the link below

    • Link to Order Transcripts

    • Students who have been accepted to a college will need to provide official records

    • Please allow for 3-5 business days for transcripts to be processed


See new organizational chart below:
Big picture

Inspiring Parents

Offer School-Wide Support to Homeschool Parents

○Weekly Zoom series begins Monday, 7/1 and ends Monday, 8/26

○Focus on universal questions newbies ask (i.e. School Wide News updates, i.e. July 1st Funds Drop and other FAQs)

Call for Inspiring Parents Panelists - We need you!

○Share your experience and knowledge with a larger “family”

○Commit to a brief “pre-show” meeting and provide some photos or examples

○Panel discussions range from 30-45 minutes shared with other panelists

○Commit an hour and a half of your time for Live @ 5 on Mondays

○Sign up for one panel, or more ... Your choice!

Questions? Contact Arlene DeAnda: arlene@inspireschools.org



  • Access for TK-8 Curriculum can be extended to June 30 by completing this survey:
    2019 June Access (TK-8)

    • Do not complete your closeouts until June 30 for any students who have requested extended access

High School:

  • Please see the updated 19/20 section 5.5 of the HST handbook, we are adding easy-to-read, fully aligned, ICS outlines daily.

  • Both Early Access and the COS were shared in this week’s weekly update, along with other wonderful curriculum resources, please be sure to check them out!

  • Early Access will be loaded based on the Early Access survey, then what is ordered through EOS or COS, without Early Access survey filled out, courses will not be available to students until 8/20/2019

  • For requests outside of what is available on the COS, such as K12 courses, please email megan@inspireschools.org with student details and the specific course.

  • Please note, only A sections are available in Textbook Program, CPA, AP, and Honors courses

Curriculum Operating System (COS)

The new COS (Curriculum Ordering System) is live!

  • Thank you for using the COS this week

  • We had a few bugs but were able to get them fixed quickly

  • Let us know what you think!

  • Haven’t used it yet? Watch the 6-minute video before you try.


COS Ordering Updates

  • CPA classes close at 35 students - 11 classes closed

  • ChoicePlus Bridge classes close at 28 students - all open

  • “Ordered By” note was fixed to reflect who actually placed the order

ChoicePlus Bridge - Middle School

New Middle School offering with live-online classes, support from a Bridgeway instructor, community building and more.

  • Charges:

    • 4-Course Bundle - $1,450

      • $1,000 deducted upon initial order

      • $450 deducted Dec 1, after 2nd fund drop