Physical therapy and psychology

Linda Guðmunds & Jóna Guðrún

Psychology is a big part of physical therapy and physical rehab. You can use your mind to help recover from an injury much faster and may make you come back even stronger!


1. How do physical therapy and psychology match?

You can use your mind and thoughts as a way to help recovery after an injury.

2. What is the best way to get recovery from an injury using psychology?

A positive mind and positive self talk.

3. What is psycho-physical therapy?

A combination of physical therapy and psychology.

4. What does a physiotherapist do?

He helps athletes and other injured people recover by both using physical therapy treatments while helping them get a positive mind about the injury.

Keywords and sentences

" Positive self-talk can assist the athlete in turning negative, hindering thoughts into positive thoughts."

" Research suggests that goal setting, imagery and relaxation and positive self-talk can facilitate rehabilitation and may even help athletes come back stronger than ever before."

Physiotherapist: Sjúkraþjálfari

Psychology: Sálfræði

Rehab: Meðferð

Rehabilitation: Endurhæfing

Goal setting: Markmiðsetning

Positive/negative Self talk: Jákvætt/ neikvætt hugarfar