We've Made It Around the World!!!

A "See Ya Later" Note from Ms. Fisher

As this year comes to a close, I want to thank both my parents and students for a wonderful first year at Asa Low Intermediate School. I was so blessed to have had your children in my classroom. I enjoyed them so much. As they move on, I hope that I have educated and influenced them in ways that reach much beyond June 5th.

We have traveled the world together learning about the geography, the people, the history, current living conditions and current events. We have tried to learn to think critically and to form opinions and handle productive discussions even when we have differing views. So, as they return to you from our 9 month trip, unpack their bags, and prepare to rest before their next big adventure in middle school, I wanted to send you a note of appreciation and reflection.

Your support this year and your encouragement to both me and your student has been both amazing and overwhelming. Whenever either of us needed to communicate, I was so appreciative of your willingness to keep the most important thing in the conversation...the success of our student! Thank you for trusting me with some of the decisions knowing that we shared the same goal.

I can't believe how these kids have grown and I don't just mean in size! They have become more mature, more confident, and I believe, ready to handle the transition to middle school.

Beyond the books, I have tried to help you with teaching them responsibility and organization and I truly believe that my "AVID" background has helped with this. Together, we have learned that relationships are built on trust, empathy and respect for one another. I have valued those traits in your student this year. Many lessons have been learned . I hope and all of these lessons will make us all better for the next year and the year after, and maybe forever.

Since this is my first year teaching Social Studies at this level in over 10 years, I would like your feedback on how I did this year...everyone else in the room got a report card...why shouldn't I? You can complete it anonymously, but I would love it if you would let me know who you are. I have included the survey monkey link...it should only take a few minutes to complete. Thank you in advance.

I have attached a few pictures of some of my favorite memories...again...thanks for sharing your child with me...it has been a pleasure to know you all!

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What's Next?

I hope to spend some time with both of my own children this summer. Grace, now 20, is graduating from college this summer...yay! Matt, 25, is working hard for the City of Arlington and playing almost every weekend in a church worship group. Just as your children are, they are my pride and joy.

Also, as many of you may know, I plan to spend my summer traveling a little...if you know of a great place to camp, please drop me a line...and as I said in the beginning...I hope this is just "see ya later" and not goodbye. I hope you and your students will stay in touch...Best Wishes Always! Ms. Fisher

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