Cells Organelles

Cell Membrane/Plasma

The phosopholipids make the plastic bag. the proteins around the holes helps moves the molecules around the cell.
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Cell wall

Holes in the wall that lets nutrients and waste pass through.
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Microfilaments and microtubes set up the "skeleton" of the cell and fils up the nucleus.
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Proteins passes through the envelope.
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Nuclear Membrane

The membrane contains proteins that develope to the lamina part of the cell.


RNA being transferred within the nucleoulus.
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Produces microtubes in the spindle fibies.


Packages the DNA to fit into the cell.


Connects amino acids and building chains
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Golgi Apparatus

Stores proteins and transports lipids around the cell.
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Endoplasmic reticulum

protein molecules transporting in the vesticles.
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Generation of energy that breaks down the carbohydrates in the cell.
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*Absorbs sunlight and uses it in the water & carbon dioxide gas to produce food for the plant.
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*Digest organelles & food.

* Is responsible for digesting things & breaking down the cell when it dies.

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Has fatty chains inside that breaks down the water and carbon dioxide.
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Its job is to store waste products, so that the cell won't contaminate or die out really fast
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* All pieces in the cell work together, so the foot can reach the food.

*Then, the lysosomes & the Peroxisomes are sent to begin the digesting.

*The movement of the cell membrane, Organelles, and cytoplasm is all related to the tubules and filaments.

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