North vs South

Conner G


In the south the summer's are hot and humid, in the winter it is mild. They also have swamps and marshes. In the North there is rocky coastlines and in the winter it is freezing.


In the North people used cotton to sell .When a machine broke down they had to do work by hand. In the South life was based on farming the owner's had slaves to get their crops. In the South they grew cotton, tobacco, and sugar cane.


In the North people built a 360 mile long canal. In the South they used steamboats that was less money and the Slow current made water travel easy. In the North and South they used trains but mostly in the North.
railroads of 1800's


In the south wealth was measured in land and property. Most of the people in the South were wealthy and owned land and Slaves. The north was totally different they tried to end slavery. There was more than one million people who lived New York. And they were not wealthy.