Election of Carter

  • Election 1976
  • Ford (Republican) vs. Carter (Democrat)
  • Carter won 297 to 240
  • Won both Democrat majority in both houses

Humanitarian Efforts

  • Camp David- Carter invited President Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Prime Minister Meacham Begin of Israel to a summit conference
  • Restarted Chinese diplomatic relations
  • Agreement that would give Panamanians control of the canal by the year 2000

Economic and Energy Issues

  • Energy Crisis—due to increasing energy prices by OPEC and instability in the Middle East there was a major fuel shortage US—Carter gave a speech that included a series of proposals for resolving these issue EX: 55 miles per hour to conserve car energy
  • The inflation rates by 1974 was more 10%
  • 13% by 1979
  • America was paying large amounts of money for foreign oil – as the US paid for more foreign products than they were able to selling their own goods over seas
  • Started an dependence of foreign oil
  • Mohammed Reza Pahlavi—shah of Iran (with the help of American CIA in 1953) was over thrown in January 1979 by a group that believed

Beginning of the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1979

  • SALT II agreements—limited the levels of lethal strategic weapons in the Soviet and American arsenals—never ratified
  • Iranian Hostage Crisis—November 4, 1979—a anti-American Muslim group of militants stormed the US embassy in Iran and took workers hostage
  • i. Captors demanded that the American authorities ship the exiled shah, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, back to Iran
  • Issue continued until the end of his term