The Lepurchan Trap

This is to catch them so the don't take anymore stuff

They Have Been Taking What Is Ours

They are so small so we can't see them or hear them so I am here to just give you some tips on what to do.

First made around 3 traps with stuff around the house like yellow paper, yellow spray painted pennies,or a old box you were going to throw away.

Second take the box and tape the box shut.

Third make a way for them to get up like a ladder or maybe just a ramp.

Fourth cut a hole in the box so when they get up to get the gold(spray painted pennies)they fall instead.

Fifth put the pennies in a shot glass or a small bucket(about 2 inches tall)then put it on the side that does not have the hole.

Sixth wait and you will have a leprechaun

They Come And Steal It Every Lepurcan's Day

Those Greedy Little Ones

If You have questions call 1402-369-0242

We Are All Trying To Catch Them

So if you want some tips on how to catch leprechauns follow me online or call the number shown below