Negative effects on the human body

Of nicotine and/or tobacco

First paragraph: why is nicotine is bad for your lungs and throat

If you smoke nicotine it will make your lungs bad and you will have a hard time of breathing. Also if you smoke it, it will make your lungs smaller. It will make your throat dry and you will cough

Paragraph two: why does that nicotine activates parts of the brain

If you smoke it your brain will control feelings, bad feelings, like anger or depression. It will cause a brain attack- is when your organs are not working. It will work on other brain areas to control cravings.

Last paragraph: does nicotine secondhand smoke cause any diseases or cancers

Nicotine secondhand smoke can cause lung cancer or heart disease for a non-smoker. It can also cause genetic changes. It causes blindness to you or a non- smoker by secondhand smoke.
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