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AAA News You Can Use-January 4

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Growth Mindset

If you haven't had the opportunity to read Carol Dweck's book entitled Mindset, I encourage you to do some research on how the philosophy of growth vs fixed mindset can be used to encourage our students and ourselves. In a recent Education Week article, Dweck shared the following about reactions to feedback:

"Watch for a fixed-mindset reaction when you face challenges. Do you feel overly anxious, or does a voice in your head warn you away? Watch for it when you face a setback in your teaching, or when students aren’t listening or learning. Do you feel incompetent or defeated? Do you look for an excuse? Watch to see whether criticism brings out your fixed mindset. Do you become defensive, angry, or crushed instead of interested in learning from the feedback? Watch what happens when you see an educator who’s better than you at something you value. Do you feel envious and threatened, or do you feel eager to learn? Accept those thoughts and feelings and work with and through them. And keep working with and through them."

As we move into second semester, let's change our world by making mistakes and then making it better by working with, working through, and working together!

Common Planning Times

We will focus on SchoolNet Data during Common Planning times this week. Be prepared to share successes and obstacles you have determined from your data. We will collect this information as we move forward with vertical teams.

Kindergarten-Tuesday 9:55

First-Wednesday 11:50

Second-Wednesday 12:20

Third-Wednesday 1:20

Fourth-Thursday 10:30

Fifth-Wednesday 11:20* (day change)

Sixth-Tuesday 9:00

Seventh/Eighth-Thursday 9:00

Proposed Budget

The budget committee met prior to the break to propose a strategy to spend the money we have been allocated by the state. The state has provided $1951 to spend on technology and another $1951 to spend on professional development. Any money spent on professional development must match our one page instructional target goals.

We are proposing the purchase of 2 teacher iPads (approx $500 each) and two Swivl robots-used to record lessons using an iPad or iPhone (approx $500).

We propose to use our PD money to purchase the Lucy Calkins Units of Study for K-2 teachers to guide implementation of writing workshop. The cost would be approximately $1755. That leaves enough money to pay for three subs for K-2 teachers to attend math PD from Pearson.

Please be prepared to vote on this budget at faculty meeting on Wednesday.

Lunch Room

Due to the noise level and disarray of the cafeteria, all teachers will need to sit with students during their lunch. Use this time to encourage your students to use their best manners and clean up their areas. Teachers who do not typically eat in the cafeteria should join a group of students in order to assist in teaching appropriate behavior.

On Thursdays, volunteers will be in the cafeteria to monitor students and teachers can sit together in the cafeteria. Hopefully, by the end of January students will meet the expected cafeteria behaviors and we can adjust the adult seating.

This Week at a Glance


  • Teacher Work Day


  • Students return
  • Odd Day for Middle School
  • STAR testing window opens


  • Faculty Meeting
  • STAR Reading Grades 1-8


  • DIBELS window opens
  • Fifth Grade on Trash Trip
  • Even Day for Middle School
  • STAR Math Grades 1-4


  • STAR Math Grades 5-8
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January 16 Francisca Woodruff

January 22 Diana Harper

January 22 Lisa Snodgrass

Dismissal Duty for this Week


Walk Ups

Humphrey, Owens, Lazor


Coleman, Estelle, Fletcher, Lang



(This teacher should check cafeteria each day for students that need supervision until their after school activity begins. A teacher will arrive to get them by 3:15. We have not had may after school events but they have started up-math team, robotics, rehearsals, etc)

STAR Progress Monitoring this week: STAR testing window is Jan 5-14.

STAR Reading Grades 1-8: Wednesday, January 6

STAR Math Grades 1-4: Thursday, January 7

STAR Math Grades 5-8: Friday, January 8

STAR Early Lit for K will begin Wednesday with small groups and continue until complete. A proctor will come to your class to assist.

Make Ups: Monday, January 11

*If there is a conflict for you or your team, let me know and we will accommodate as needed. Teachers in grades 3-5 may determine whether you want to take the test in homeroom or through ELA/Math classes.

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Don' Forget!

  • Add Evidence to your PLP. You can go back and put in information from equity PD in September and October. The instructional rounds/learning walks may provide evidence for improving your practice. Check your indicators...You should have at least 2 evidence entries at this point.
  • If you misplace your key card, please alert the office so we can have it deactivated. When you find it, it can easily be reactivated.