Taj Mahal

One of the seven Wonders of the World


The Taj mahal is one of the famous masoleum in india.Its even better than the one by you so come check it out.

Taj mahal

The beginning started in the location called Agra. The Taj mahal means the crown of palaces. What it is made out of is white marble. The building contains some barial chambers. It was also built in 1632 and was finished in 1652 it took 20years to build the thing.


When the people were starting on the Taj mahal they had to think about how big that it would be to build it. It took 20 years just to build the Taj mahal. The construction was the most important part because this is where everything starts. As years pass the taj mahal is open for you to visit and you can stay over night.


Mughal shah juhan built the taj mahal for his wife mumtaz mahal.He was the father of 14 kids. She also died from having their babby which would be the 14th.


I hope that you enjoyed thefacts that i have on the taj mahal and i hope you can visit it someday.