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March 10, 2022 Home and School Connection

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Reminder! Please check your child's uniform- so many students have grown that pants and skirts are too short!

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Important! Dismissal

Just a reminder that we have 4 groups of students at dismissal. For all of our students safety, these must be followed!

Extended Day Students that go to the Mayfair Room

Bus students- students who take the bus home

Walkers - students who walk to their home, or a parent parked nearby the school. Never allow a child to cross a street to reach their car to be picked up from. they should always use a crosswalk that has a stop sign.

Car Riders- cars line up and get picked up in the front of school.

**Which group is your child in? Make sure they know and they should never be in both! For example- a student may not be dismissed as a walker and be picked up in the car rider line.

Positive or Close Contact Notification form to school

UPDATED 2/17/2022 Please fill this form out for your child if they or someone in your home tests positive for COVID.


Congratulations to the following families on their Crusader Bingo!!

Chandler family II

Sautariello family

Is your child vaccinated for COVID-19?

In order to make a possible positive COVID case go smoothly, we would appreciate a picture of your child's COVID -19 vaccination card. Please put your child's name in the subject line.

Please email to covidvax@divineprovidenceschool.org

Lent Is a Process-Not an Event

Know someone who needs assistance?

There are many reasons people may need help right now. Maybe it's job loss or illness. Whatever the reason for the need, the Society of St. Vincent De Paul can help.

If you, or anyone you know, could use some help, please call the Divine Infant Rectory 708-865-8071 or the Divine Providence Rectory 708-562-3364

All information is kept strictly confidential.

Phone Number for Extended Care (To call or text during extended care hours) 773-682-6196

Lunch Menu *

3/11 - Fish Sticks

3/14 - Deep Dish Pizza

3/15 - Mini corn dogs with pretzel bites

3/16 - Soft tacos

3/17 - Savory Stew

3/18 - Pizza Crunchers

3/21 - Teriyaki Beef Dippers

3/22 - Popcorn Chicken

3/23 - Mini Corn Dogs

3/24 - Nacho Salad

3/25 - NO SCHOOL

3/28 - Chicken Tenders

3/29 - Spaghetti with Meatballs

3/30 - Nacho Combo

3/31 - Hot Dog

4/1 Cheesy Flatbread

4/4 Corn Dog

4/5 Mini Confetti Pancakes

4/6 Cheeseburger Meatloaf

4/7 Breaded Chicken Sandwich

4/8 Fish Sticks

4/11 Deep Dish Galaxy Pizza

4/12 Mini corn dogs

4/13 Chicken Nuggets

4/14 Soft Tacos

4/15 - NO SCHOOL

4/18 - 4/22 NO SCHOOL

4/25 Chicken Tenders

4/26 Cheesy Flatbread

4/27 Nacho Combo

4/28 Hot dog

4/29 NO LUNCH - Early dismissal

* Subject to change, please see the note below from FSP, our lunch supplier.

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Divine Providence Staff 2021-2022

In process!

Please CLICK HERE for the faculty for 2021-2022

Divine Providence School/ Mary, Mother of Divine Grace Parish

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