Cortez Spy Report

Week of May 2nd

Important Lower Pottsgrove Upcoming Dates

May 9, 2016 ~ Orchestra Spring Concert
May 11, 2016 ~ 2 hour early release
May 13, 2016 ~ Field Day!!!!
May 18, 2016 ~ Grandparents / Someone Special Day (4th grade - AM)
June 1, 2016 ~ Field Trip


Homework resumes this week. I will be checking homework books each morning to help us all get back into our routine. We have math, word work, reading and facts practice each night.


May 2, 2016 - Day 4 - Art
May 3, 2016 - Day 5 - Music
May 4, 2016 - Day 6 - Computers
May 5, 2016 - Day 1 - P.E.
May 6, 2016 - Day 2 - Library

Spy Kid of the Week

It's Tia's turn this week!

Grandparents / Someone Special Day

Our informational writing unit will culminate with a 'Wax Museum' presentation on Grandparents' day!

We Love Math!!!

This week we are finishing up Unit 9. My plan is to use Friday as our review day and then give the test to the students on Monday morning.
We are trying something new for homework! Each child may choose 1 assignment from 3 different levels of homework assignments tonight.


Writing ~ We completed our unit on persuasive letters and have begun writing our informational pieces on the famous Americans that the students chose for their library research projects.
Reading ~ I have extended the due date for the Frindle packets until Wednesday. Our next unit will be on Greek and Roman Mythology.

Social Studies

Last week the students began their study of the Midwestern states and capitals. They will practice sorting the states, capitals, and abbreviations this week in class and at home. We will have our quiz on Friday.


Our studies this week will focus on the relationships between living and nonliving components in the food webs that the students created.