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January Newsletter

Introducing Coach Lynch

Parents and students! I would like to introduce my new student teacher Coach Lynch. He is from Missouri State and will begin mid- January!

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What’s happening in physical education this month?

This is always one of my favorite times of the year. School wide we are finishing scooter games, beginning parachute activities, and preparing for our heart health unit and Jump Rope for Heart!

Facts, information, and stuff!

This is a difficult time of year to keep moving with cooler temps and less daylight. We all have to more intentional, plan ahead, and be extra motivated to keep moving this winter.

***Fun fact: The child today is only consuming about 100 more calories than they were 50 years ago. The difference is that children today get less exercise and consume more sugar.

***Fun fact: A predictor for children is to note how many times they drink pop and eat fast food fries in a week. “Food” for thought!

22 Reasons to Exercise

1. Build self-esteem

2. Build muscle mass

3. Increase blood vessel health

4. Increase joint flexibility

5. Control blood pressure

6. Control appetite

7. Strengthen bones.

8. Strengthen the heart muscle

9. Reduce anxiety and stress

10. Control body weight

11. Maintain lifelong mobility

12. Maintain cardio stamina

13. Improve creativity

14. Improve sleep quality

15. Promote healthy aging

16. Promote good posture

17. Burn more calories

18. Decrease tiredness

19. Help our attitude

20. Make us happier

21. It’s fun!

22. Add healthy years to your life!

Upcoming races in Springfield, MO- Only one in the area!

January 16, 2016- Resolution Run Rogersville, MO (9:00 a.m.)