Abraham Lincoln Memorabilia!

Presented by Wyatt Higgins

Models of symbols for Abraham Lincoln! :)

I have thought of three ways that I could represent our 16th president: a penny (which his face is featured on), his top hat where he kept all his letters, and a microphone. His top hat symbolizes what everybody knew him for. If you asked what Abraham Lincoln wore on his head, I will guarantee you that in less than a second they will yell, " TOP HAT! It also symbolizes that he kept his letters in his top hat, which not everybody knows. Abraham Lincoln's penny that he returned to the store after the clerk gave him one extra penny. This penny symbolizes his honesty which is a very important trait for a president. Finally, I made a model of a microphone, which symbolizes his speeches (the Gettysburg Address and The Emancipation Proclamation are his most famous speeches) which stopped slavery for African Americans, but unfortunately did not stop the abuse of African American people, and that's where Martin Luther King Jr. came in. These are very high quality memorabilia symbols, and they can really enhance your knowledge about one of the most impacting pioneers. I hope that you really study these pictures and understand more about a man who changed history!