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October 7, 2022

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Kids Free @ San Diego Attractions!

October is a great time to be a kid in San Diego County. Below are several links to access information about the FREE attractions and events for children happening this month. Some of these free attractions include Missions, Sea World, Museums, and the USS Midway!

Kids Free San Diego Offers

NBC Article Free Admission

ASB Winners!

Congratulations to these student leaders who will represent the middle school throughout this year.
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Federal Survey Cards

Federal Survey Cards went home this week. Please complete them and return to your child's teacher. We are required to have one of these cards from every family each year. We appreciate you completing them and returning by 10/14.


All Pepper Drive students are sent home with a reading book each week. These books should be at your child's level, and engaging. Check in with your child each night, read together or have your child summarize what he/she read to you after they have read for 20-30 minutes. This practice of nightly reading is critical to their success in school and beyond. 20 minutes doesn't feel like very long, but it makes a huge difference (see below). As parents, it is hard to stop the GO GO GO of our lives, but when possible, slowing down to sit with a book, and turning off technology, models reading as a lifelong practice for our children.

If your child says they do not have homework, ask them to take out their reading book from school.

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Spirit Day

On Fridays, we wear red to show our school spirit. This week's winning classes, with the highest percent of students in Tiger spirit wear, are as follows:

Mrs. Shepard's Class (6th Grade)

Mrs. Roehrs' Class (3rd Grade)

Mrs. Dawson's Class (Kindergarten)

TIGER Expectations

This week, your student reviewed the TIGER expectation of RESPONSIBILITY. The students below are some of our "Tigers of the Week".
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Cell Phone Policy

Students are allowed to have cell phones on campus, but they must be OFF and in backpacks for the entire time they are on campus. Cell Phones are addressed in Board Policy 5131, which outlines that devices must be "Turned off in class" and that, "Any device with a camera, video or voice recording function shall not be used in any manner which infringes on the privacy rights of any other person." Students should not be bringing phones with them to lunch, recess or the restroom. This has created some behavior and privacy concerns lately. Students cannot video record one another, or take photos of peers while on campus. Posting photos of staff and or students on social media platforms can be considered cyber bullying and/or harassment. Please take a moment to discuss the serious nature of this policy, and why taking a photo that might be funny could impact someone's life in a very negative way.

Our student Handbook clearly states

Electronic communication of any kind is prohibited on school grounds. Each school has designated a "phone zone" where phones may be used before or after school, but under no circumstances during school hours. Pepper Drive’s phone zone is along the cement walkways outside of the school gates and on the lower field at dismissal time only. Permitted devices shall:

  • Be turned off at all times during the school day, and at any other time when directed by a district employee.
  • Not disrupt the educational program or school activity

The basic rule is: SEE IT, USE IT, HEAR IT, TAKE IT. Therefore, if an electronic device is seen, used, or heard, the following procedures will be put in place:

  • First Offense: The device will be confiscated and returned at the end of the school day.
  • Second Offense: The device will be confiscated and the parent must personally reclaim the device.
  • Third Offense: The device will be confiscated and a parent must personally reclaim the device from the office. After a third offense, the student is not permitted to have a cell phone or personal device on campus. It can be checked in to the office on a daily basis or kept at home for the remainder of the year.

Pepper Drive BOOK FAIR

October 10th - 14th

9:00AM - 1:30PM

Virtual Online Book Fair Shopping: October 7th- 20th

We accept the following payment methods at our fair:

  • Cash
  • ChecksPepper Drive School
  • Student eWalletNew


Easy to set up, EWallet funds are immediately available for use at both the in-school and virtual Book Fair. Plus, family and friends can contribute too! Create an eWallet account between September 16 - October 14. Click here to set up your child's eWallet.

The Scholastic Book Fair will be back at Pepper Drive Oct 10-14. If you are an approved Volunteer and are interested in helping with the Book Fair, please click this link to volunteer. Mrs. Reyes, in the library would like to have 5 Volunteers for each time slot.

Costume Guidelines

Red Ribbon Week is just around the corner. Dress up days will include tie dye day, Tiger Red Day, dress for your future job day, and sports dress up day. The final day of Red Ribbon Week will be on Monday, October 31st. On that day, students can dress up to say "Boo" to unhealthy choices in their fun/spooky best.

Monday 10/31 will be the last day of Red Ribbon Week and students will be allowed to wear costumes to school, with limitations:

  • No masks
  • Face paint must not cover more than 1/2 of face
  • No Blood or fake blood
  • No weapons or fake weapons, this includes fire fighter axes and ninja stars
  • No inflatables AT ALL
  • Must be school appropriate attire (no spaghetti straps, offensive language or implications, no gang affiliation, crop tops, etc).
  • Hats must still be removed indoors
  • Costume wigs are allowed on this day only
  • Wonder if your costume is okay? Ask!
  • Bring a change of clothes-costumes are usually hot and uncomfortable. They rarely make it through the entire day.

Please start reviewing this information now, and encourage your children to ask questions, so we don't have any confusion on the day.

Dressing up is not mandatory for any school spirit days. When people do dress up, it takes a lot of courage and vulnerability. Nobody should be made fun of for a costume, or made to feel bad for showing school spirit. Calling a costume "trash" does not show empathy or teamwork. Let's all encourage positivity and kindness during spirit days (and every day) at Pepper Drive.

ELAC Meeting

Parents of English Learners, please join us for our English Language Advisory Committee meeting on October 13th @ 8:45 AM in the Multipurpose Room.

We will be reading with students and reviewing last year's ELPAC results. Light refreshments will be provided.

Fire Prevention Month

Thank you to the crew of Bostonia Truck 19 for coming out to meet with our TK and K students to discuss Fire Safety! Ask your kindergarten student what number to call in case of emergency and what to do if they smell smoke.
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Parking Lot Safety

There are NO RIGHT TURNS on red when waiting at the light on Pepper Drive. Please take note of that sign, so we can help keep our kids safe. The CHP has been notified and will be out patrolling and giving tickets. This photo (below) shows the sign at the light. You may not have noticed it before.

Arrival and Dismissal: Please remember there is no staff supervision in the morning until 8:15am (8am for breakfast). Do not drop off students before that time. Also, if you are picking up students for 2nd dismissal, you will be asked to keep driving (out of the loop) if you arrive at the pickup area before 2:35. We must allow the time from 2:20-2:35 for the first dismissal parents to pick up. If you arrive early, park in the lower lot, then rejoin the line at 2:35. We appreciate you helping our lines run smoothly.

Breakfast: Breakfast is served at 8:00 each day and is free to all students. If your child is eating breakfast at school, please drop them off between 8:00 and 8:15 so they have time to eat. The kitchen will be CLOSED at 8:25 each day and students will not be able to bring that food with them to class.

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LGBTQ+ History Month

At Pepper Drive, we take time to explore history and culture from different perspectives. We also celebrate the authors, historians, scientists and mathematicians who have contributed to the world around us. This month is LGBTQ+ History Month. It is a great time to discuss with your child the people who have fought for equality and against discrimination on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community. Our school library has a variety of great books that positively portray family diversity and identity, as well as some biographies for essential civil rights figures like Harvey Milk and James Baldwin.

Monday is NOT a School Holiday

Monday is a holiday for many businesses, but the Santee School District will be OPEN on MONDAY, 10/10/22.
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Click Here to Volunteer at Trick or Treat @ Pepper!

Sign up to volunteer at the PTA "Trick-or-Treat From Your Seat" drive-thru Trick-or-Treat event

Upcoming Dates


10/10-10/14 Progress Reports go home

10/10-10/14 Book Fair (During School)

10/13 ELAC Meeting @ 8:45 AM in the Multipurpose Room

10/14 Middle School Tailgate Activity

10/14 Crazy Sock Day

10/20 Thrivers Book Study Meeting #2

10/21 Crazy Sock Day

10/24-10/28 Red Ribbon Week

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