Wellness Health Fair

Kayleigh Green


Saturday, February 21,2014



Posters with food groups, the food pyramid and healthy food choices can be placed around, to further the education of the participants.Plastic versions of healthy food, such as tomatoes, broccoli and apples, can be displayed. Pictures of healthy meals will be displayed with the food, or hung up in the nutrition section of the event.
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Hiram Clarke

Service Center
3810 W. Fuqua
Houston, Texas 77045

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Demostrations, screenings, and activities

- Blood pressure


-Bone Density Testing

-Total cholesterol testing

- Nutritional analysis

- Mobile mammography

-Glucose testing

- First aid

-Healthy cooking

-Emergency preparedness

Special needs/Technology needs

- Wheel chair ramp

- First Aid kit

-wireless internet

-electrical outlets

-venue information

- garbage cans





-fruit bar

-salad bar

- steamed vegetables

- water bottles


transportation buses/ vans will be available for those in need with a ramp for elderly or disabled people.
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