Your guide to Healthy Relationships

actions, behaviors, & signs to look for by Hoffman & Torres

Sign for a Healthy Relationship

1. Honesty- Give and Take emotional disclosure and dependability upon each other. You feel you can be your true self with the other person.

2. Consent and Commitment- Your relationship has willingly made boundaries that both partners respect and feel free to make and even alter.

3. Bring out the best in each other- Both partners try their best to boost each others well-being and positively influence each other

4. Discussions are productive- When disputes or hard times arise they are used as means of growing and improving and not as means for belittling the other person.

5. Respect individuality- While you are a pair, it is important to realize and respect that your partner is a person with their own needs and growth and need to have the space and ability to grow and change and figure out their life.

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Signs for an Unhealthy Relationship

1. Abuse - Any abuse - whether emotional, physical, sexual, or otherwise - is a clear warning sign that the relationship is unhealthy and that it needs help, or even termination.

2. Manipulation- If your partner will do anything in their power to get their way, or get you to do what they want, and makes you feel like you must comply with their every demand, then this is a symptom of an unhealthy relationship.

3. Excessively controlling- Partner will not let you make your own choices, and gets peeved if you do something without their "permission", and insists on being informed on everything you do.

4. Bring out the worst in you - If when you are together and you do things or feel things that you would not normally do and which bring negative things to you, then it indicates your relationship is unhealthy.

5. Never go to them for emotional support- You feel like your partner doesn`t understand or connect with what you are going through or doesn`t listen so you go to anyone else besides them.

6. You feel that it's not allowed or safe to seek outside help

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Why do people stay in a bad relationship?

1- provides security- if a person leaves their partner they will be out on the streets with only a dime or a penny to their name.

2- Learned helplessness - sometimes you blame yourself for your partner's mistreatment of you and so you feel you "deserve it".

3- Fear of change- the unfamiliar can seem more frightening than a current bad sistuation. Therefore, you stay even if it means sacrificing your happiness.

What to do if you find yourself in an unhealthy relationship

1. Get help - seek help from friends, family, and professionals. Counselors and therapists are there to help you get out of a bad relationship and heal.

2. try expressing what you're feeling- if it's safe to do so let your partner know what you are feeling and why you feel that way.

3. Realize you are a good person who deserves a good life - don't take on the blame and problems of your partner. Recognize that their insecurities have no bearing on your worth.

Final thought to Ponder :)

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