Invasion of the Superbugs

Briana Dillard- November 23, 2015


The article "Invasion of the Superbugs" by Alessandra Potenza is a scientific informational article giving elaborate details about the superbugs of this world. A superbug is a bacteria that can fight off strong, powerful antibiotics. One superbug is called MRSA, one of the deadliest bacteria that can fight off these antibiotics. Then the article gives the information of the history of the "wonder drug" (also known as antibiotics). Also, it includes how bacteria is now almost everywhere on this planet, even on your food; and most of the antibiotics are being sold towards farm animals. Lastly, researchers are still trying to discover an official antibiotic that can kill off these superbugs. However, researchers have tested one on rats with no side effects occuring, but have yet to test it on humans; therefore, they hope to have this antibiotic working within years to come (Alessandra).


1. Superbug epidemic in 2013 killed almost 60,000 infants in India.

2. Superbugs are growing more in number and are infecting more than 2 million Americans each year and killing at least 23,000.

3. There was one superbug outbreak at a University of California hospital in Los Angeles contaminated almost 200 people and killed two.

4. Millions of lives were saved, and antibiotics became known as “the wonder drug.”

Real World Application

People could use this information to be aware of the many superbug bacteria the world actually has. With this information people of all around should know how important it is to clean yourself daily, especially after using the restroom, or even after a good, hard workout in the gym. You also need to clean your equipment before and after you use it.
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