The Diary of Anne Frank

Peter Van Daan

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Mini Biography of Peter Van Daan

Peter Van Daan was born on November 8, 1926. Peter Van Daan is the son of Hermann Van Daan and Auguste Van Daan.Peter Van Daan has no brothers or sisters. Peter went into hiding for about two years and then was found and taken to a concentration camp. On May 10, 1945 Peter died

Hope will get you through life's struggles

In The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme " Hope will get you through life's struggles, is seen throughout. The Frank's showed hope throughout the play. They had hope that they weren't going to be found and that they were going to survive the war. They had hope that they could make their food last between eight people. They had hope that the invasion was going to happen. In the play Miep ran into the secret annex and said, " Mr. Frank...the most wonderful news!...The invasion has begun."(427). Miep gave hope to the Franks and the Van Daans when she gave that news. She gave them hope that there is still a chance for them to survive through the war. Another example of this theme when Anne says that she wants to become a famous dancer or singer. In the play Anne says, " I'm going to be a famous dancer or singer...or something wonderful."(388). Anne has hope that she will become one of those things when she grows up. That she will be famous.

Kindness should be shown to every one

In the diary of Anne Frank, the theme " Kindness should be shown to every one, is shown throughout. The Frank's basically showed kindness throughout the whole play. In the play Mr. Frank was kind by letting the Van Daans stay in the secret annex with them to hide from the Nazis (373). The Franks were kind when they let the Van Daans come and stay with them. If they didn't they probably would have been killed sooner than they did. Another example of this theme was when they let Mr. Dussel come and stay with them as well. Mr. Dussel showed up to the annex and the franks welcomed him with open arms (391). The Franks let Mr. Dussel move in with them when they knew that they didn't have enough room in the annex.

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In the diary of Anne Frank a symbol that represents Peter Van Daan is ice. Peter was very isolated from everyone especially Anne. Peter is cold hearted and doesn't want to be around people. All he does is stays in his room and plays with moushi. When he comes out of his room he is dead quiet.