"boom time"

Entertainment and Music

In the 1950s, TV came out. People used to be huddled around radios to hear the news, however now they were all watching the TV. The very first TV broadcast was a speech by president Harry Truman. With more shows on the TV at home, there was a boom in famous people also. Some great actors included Marlon Brando and James Dean. Marlon was in the the movie The Wild One. He had also started a trend of boys fashion with the outfits we wore. James Dean was most famous for his movie Rebel Without A Cause. James only had three films before he died in a tragic car accident. Another famous person would be Elvis Presley. You have probally heard of him. People used to call him The King, short for The King of Rock and Roll.


Many new cars came out, these vehicles were more flashy and shiny, which led to more people buying them. Leo Fender invented the first electric guitar. Many people bought this product because of the rock and roll trend. Many new things happened with the TV. IN 1951, the TV and the Tv remote were invented. however the remote was a wire that hooked onto the TV and couldnt reach much distance. In 1953, the first colored TV broadcast was invented and the first 3D movie. Finally in 1955, the wireless TV remote was invented. :) The link below has a long list of other great inventions of the 1950s.


Elvis Presley's style also struck a cord in teen clothing. Many people had the slick back hair and loose unbuttoned shirts. Men had long sideburns and sharp flashy suits. They even had a hair style called "Duck tail," hair. Young women wore bright colored skirts with pinched waists. Capri pants were also very popular during this time. Adult clothing included more light or dim colors. Adult women had pencil line skirts, and men had buttoned up shirts with blue, black , and gray colors. Some men didn't like the rebel look. They prefered flashy suits and fedoras. When fedoras came out, they were probally one of the greatest trends with mens suits.

Toys Games, And Dances

Some of the most popular toys and games of the 1950s include yahtzee, play dough, barbie doll, the frisbee, and the hula hoop. Many board games were popular too. These included chinese checkers, chutes and ladders, and candy land. All of these toys are still around today. In the late 1950s, kids started to play hopscotch. Dances of the 50s tied into the music from a while back. Teens usually got old dances and just mixed up the steps to match the new rock music. Some popular dances were know as the jitterbug, and the boogie-woogie, or the bop. click on the link below to see commercials from the 50s

Food from the 1950s

Food was great in the 50s because America no longer had to ration food from WW2. Many family meals included frozen veggies with butter and other sauces. New Euopean foods came into America also. Some of these are pizza,egg foo yung, chow mein, lasange, enchiladas, and BBQ meats.


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