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Tuesday, April ,21,2015

Life of a Special Girl

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The Child Above is Melody Brooks

Melody has cerebral palsy meaning ahe cant walk talk or move on her own. This little girl cant do anything thing she wants to do , She gets made fun of and teased over her wheelchair . She finally has found what she has wanted all along. a computer that talks for her sho she can speak the intelligence in her mind.today melody got her computer can speak thousands of words. for once something in Melodys life has gone better for her.


Ollie the Goldfish

Poor Ollie died on last tjursday when fumping out of his fish bowl. He belonged to the little girl melody brooks. Even though no one his real name melody was his closest friend.Ollie was from a carnival as a prize melody and her dad won. Olliedied because he was outof water and oxygen.ollie will be remembered for giving melody afriend when she os alone . Hewill never be forgotten.
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Last week Penny Brooks 2 years old was backed over by her mom. Child wasnt being watched and was walking outside without parental assitance. The little girl was rushed to the hospital right after the accident. Luckly penny came out with only a broken leg and a few gashes to her head but will be ok. Penny will remain with her family and is happy to be back where she belongs.


Today the Whiz Kids Southwest Ohio Regional Competion was held. Our very own Spaulding St Elementary will be competing with a very special team this year. Conner Bates„ Clair Wilson„ Rose Spencer„ and Melody Brooks will be our team this year.after hours of determination and concentrationour team will be gojng to regionals in Washington DC to compeate for the good mourning america show spot . Hope to see you there to support our team.

Dear Melody

Hi i want to just say you are amazing in your own way and i wanted to sayi love your confidence. I know some will be mean and say you are just a stupid kid but trust me nothing about you is stupid everything about you is amazing. Every one who meets you can learn something from you because you light up the room when you walk in if anyone says anything about you remember how much your freinds and family love you and how much you are confident in yourself because you are beautiful in your own way.


Rose Spencer

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