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The thought of hacking a computer

Advice column

Dear john,I have a friend that is hacking computers how do I get him to stop?

Dear kade that is a serious crime ur friend is doing you should tell someone about it before it gets bad

Computer hacker

This movies is about a kid that is trying to hack computers. He is so smart it's like he's a computer genius.

Brad Pit,Mark Wahlberg,Amanda Seyfried

Director: Seth MacFarlane

Feature Article

He hacked into a computer hoping no one would figure out.

For sale

Computer for sale $100 or best offer


It's a safety computer it helps from not getting keeps protected from people like kades friend.


Sam a computer hacker gets arrested up too 10 years in prison.he was trying to hack into the presidents computer he was caught and sent to jail December 12,2015.Why he did it no one knows but we think he was trying to steal money but since we have no evidence we can't give hime longer time.