Newsletter #1 Welcome!

Welcome to our Classroom Website !

About Me

My name is Miss Daggy. I graduated from Indiana University in the spring of 2019 where I got my degree in elementary education. I was born and raised here in Indiana not to far from here in the city of Mishawaka, and went to Penn High School myself. I loved our corporation so much when attending school, I decided to come back and teach for it! I love dogs and will probably be telling you many stories about my bad dog named Dexter throughout the year. Though this is my first year in a classroom of my own, I have many classroom experiences and practices under my belt ! From the beginning of high school to now I have taught lessons or observed from Kindergarten to Fifth grade, and learned so much along the way! I want all of my students to know I am available anytime if they need anything! I am always available for you. I want our classroom to be a home, and an environment in which everyone can learn! I am so excited to start school, and I hope you are too!


Attitude: As I said above, I want everyone to be comfortable learning in my classroom and with that being stated, I will not tolerate bullying or exclusion of any kind. We are all friends in my first grade class, and we all should respect one and other. Coming to school with a positive attitude will lead to positive results !

Attendance: It is important that our students need to be in class everyday. With all the exciting and fun new things we learn this year, I would hate for anyone to miss out! Catch up is not a fun for anyone, to do well on our assignments and homework we all need to be at school! Not to mention the stars we get for how many days we've been in class.. (30 stars= treasure chest prize). I want all of my first grade friends to be able to go to the treasure chest, but unexcused absences or three tardies will result in losing their star for the day! Excused absences/ tardies however result in no penalization.

Homework: In first grade I will admit that we will have a bit more homework than you once did in Kindergarten, but I think your students will all be just fine with the homework I give. All of our homework will be based on what we've been learning in class. But with that being said, I highly encourage you as a parent or guardian to assist your student in their homework. Let them show you how much they know, and help them out along the way; but please refrain from giving them the answers. Homework is what lets me access each individual student in that lesson to see who needs more help and who gets it before tests.

I cannot wait to meet and get to know all of you! I know this school year is going to be fantastic!- Miss Daggy