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Inactive Designer Deactivations ~

Inactive Designer Deactivations

What we’ve heard : Designers that have met the Minimum Requirements have received the Inactive Designer Deactivation Notification Message.

  • Who received the Inactive Designer Deactivation Notification Message?
    • This Message was sent out to each O2 Designer regardless of current activity level.

  • How was the Inactive Designer Deactivation Notification Message Communicated?
    • Posted in Back Office
    • Emailed to Designer’s personal email address.

  • When will a New Roll Up Promotion take Effect?
    • At the End of the Current Commission Cycle.
      • End of Current Month.
    • Any newly promoted ETL will receive Leadership Care Contact Information around the 15th of the following month.
    • Future Roll Up Reminder - “In future deactivations, those who roll up to new Mentors will NOT count as personally-sponsored, although they will, of course, count to central team volume (CTV).

Rolling 6-mos PV

Active Requirement

Our requirement, to stay active as an Independent Designer, is 199 PV per rolling 6 months. Being ACTIVE is very important: it means we can login to the back office, place wholesale orders, and are allowed to sell. If you're not active, you're not a Designer! We have a super easy way to check our active status. Log in to your back office and look right on the front page. You will see your Active Until date, showing you how long your current PV is going to meet the minimum requirement to stay active.

If you just signed up, your Active Until date should be 6 months from the month you signed up. It's always the last day of the month, so if you signed up on September 15th, you would show active until March 31st. However, a lot of you will still see January 1 as your active until date. That's just because of our system changeover in November 2013. As you earn PV, your date will change.

How the "rolling" 6 months works

You can find your 6 Month PV on your dashboard, right next to your "Active Until Date". You can also check the 6 Month PV for any of your team members by clicking on the little person icon in your downline report.

6 Month PV is the total of all your PV for the past 6 months. In any month, look at the previous 6 months of your PV and add them together.

Each time you turn the calendar page, your 6 month time period shifts forward. The oldest month is no longer included in the calculations, and a new month is added.

Still Confused?

If you still have questions, ask your mentor! Or if you're a member of Team Krewe of Believe, please feel free to post to our facebook group page and any number of compassionate designers and/or leaders will be ready to help you. <3

Valentine’s Day Shipping Deadlines

The final Order date(s) to ensure Valentine’s Day Delivery.

  • When is the cutoff date for Valentine’s Day Delivery?

    • Standard Delivery – February 5th
    • 2 Day Delivery – February 10th
    • Overnight Delivery – February 11th





OUR TEAM TOTAL FOR FOURTH QUARTER IS ~ $182,349.47 WOW!!! You are all amazing!

TOP 20 Designers in 4th Quarter~

Tiffany Dearman & Leigh Goldman ~ $6,599.29

Kristy Rohr ~ $6,160.45

Tiffanie Hingle ~ $6,134.15

Anna Ottens ~ $5,672.70

Janet Dachuk ~ $5,450.40

Rachel Beard ~ $5,058.15

Beth Ballenger ~ $4,392.26

Heidi Lau ~ $4,239.38

Tiffany Rogers ~ $3,935.55

Melissa Grogan ~ $3,842.90

Amy Edmonson ~ $3,789.51

Camilla DiLoreto ~ $3,567.12

Jessica Heany ~ $3,510.31

Angelle Booc ~ $3,453.78

Lisa & Raymond Wissing ~ $3,407.79

Renee & Randi Gresenz ~ $3,304.40

Ronni Disler ~ $3,051.75

Kathy Larson ~ $3,023.52

Erika Hulling ~ $2,956.25

Eva Paleveda-Dean ~ $2,927.38


Tiffany Dearman & Leigh Goldman with a 4th Quarter PV total of $6,599.29! WAY TO GO!!!!!!

OUR ROCK STAR RECRUITERS ~ Receiving a little O2 Swag package

Anna Ottens ~ STL and Gabriela Hart ~ TL

YOU two amazing ladies rocked it out recruiting 4 designers each in the fourth quarter... AWESOME!!!!


Incentive time!!!!!!! Are you ready!!?????

**I am giving away a TICKET to our awesome O2 conference in July 2014!!!! One lucky designer will win it!

How to qualify ~ earn one entry for each PERSONALLY sponsored designer added to your frontline! That's it!!! {January 1 - March 15 @ 10PM CST} If you have purchased a ticket already, I will reimburse the winner the early bird price of $175.

** I am also giving away a $50 GC & a little O2 Swag to one amazing designer!

How to qualify ~ earn one entry for every $99 in PV! That's it!!! I will keep track on my side and I will announce the winners on March 15 @ 10PM CST.

A Little Throwback to 2013 Conference! Good times.... Making Memories

I am so Blessed to have you all on my team!

Photo to Left ~ ME, Our Fabulous ROBYN TORRES, SR Director & My Awesome Sister Owl Krista Saysanam, Director

Michelle Burke

Executive Team Leader of Team Krewe of Believe