• Order supplies-5 weeks in advance
  • Get Zodiac Coloring sheets- (bought from Amazon)
  • Get origami plans (bought from Amazon)

In Process...

  • Amber...setting up Video with Mandarin Teacher
  • Carrie...Contact made with The Children's Museum of Indianapolis about a Skype opportunity
  • David/Carrie...Working on a Martial Arts demo
  • Lyddia...contacting Nancy Couch about moving Mandarin Orange Chicken and Teriyaki Beef to the March 11th menu

Chinese New Year Cultural Event

March 4, 2016

Chinese New Year Cultural Event

Friday, March 11th, 9am

425 South 3rd Street

Scottsburg, IN

Large Group Presentations:

Martial Arts Demonstration

Skype with Children's Museum?


  • Video from Mandarin ES teacher
  • food
  • science
  • origami
  • zodiac
  • voting/favors/goals

*also linked Bruce Lee's bio. (could be a possible mini-session.)


Amber has contact with a Mandarin ES teacher.

Could we have her record a video? What things would our kids like to see?

Common Phrases?



What is a school day like there?


Origami: Measuring angles
Big image


Students will learn to eat with chopsticks.

  • buy our own rice
  • serve students about a 1/2 cup of rice.
  • soy sauce packets?
  • buy chopsticks

Big image

Fortune Cookies-Amazon (26.50)


The history and chemistry behind fireworks

Language Arts: Compare and Contrast

Zodiac Signs vs. Birth Year

Art: Chinese Dragon

Make a Chinese dragon to hang in the hallway. All students will write a goal for the rest of the year and one for their life.

  • In Connect prior to March 4, have 7th grade Art club students draw the dragon face. May need Mrs. Owen's help.

Physical Education

Martial Arts demonstration and student participation.

  • Contact someone local
Bruce Lee :: In His Own Words

Character Counts

Students will vote on a student for each character pillar to set off a Chinese lantern representing each character pillar.




Estimated Cost: 316.85 (about 158.43 per team)

*Cost of items that can be reused (about 131.52 total)

All Items Purchased

Amazon 201.46

Paper Lantern Company 47.25

Oriental Trading Company 66.91


  • Set-up on-line voting for character lanterns-2 weeks out
  • Get paper plates or bowls-Lori?
  • Decorating the night prior
  • laminate classroom signs and zodiac placemats (to reuse)-1 week in advance
  • Contact someone for martial arts demo-now
  • Language-now...or consider pen pals or Skype
  • Talk to Mrs. Owen about dragon-now
  • Divide out supplies 1 week in advance
  • Make schedule-2 weeks in advance