Katelyn's science update

This page is for sharing and reflection of my learning

Introduction to science 6

Introduction to science 6 unit

My favorite part of The science 6 unit was the microscope one. There were three, measuring, microscope, and mapping. We did many different labs, my favorite was the letter E lab. We got to see a ink letter E on a paper up close. We also got too look at a insect part I got to look at a butterfly wing. It was very interesting to look at.

Katelyn Talosi

My name is Katelyn Andrea Talosi, and I am very creative. I play the guitar, I sing, and I draw realistic pictures. I love eating sugar, even if it's bad for me. My favorite food is salmale.

Triple Beam Balance

We got to compare and contrast items with the triple beam balance, also with how it looks, and use other of our 5 human senses. Also we got to learn how to use a triple beam balance, and we went over how to use a ruler.


We got to do a letter E lab. Also we got to look at sand and do a secret sand lab to see were one of the teachers didn't want my teacher and other science teachers to go. It was fun to do the secret mission but I'm sad because I wanted to go to that place that one of the teacher went for fun but its to far.


This is the latest one we did. We got to find out how to find a place on the globe by coordinating with numbers. Also we got to do more labs. The work sheets we did helped us know how to find our way around the globe. Along the way we learned more things about other things around the world to.