Declaration of Independence

Check out the Declaration of Independence at the Museum.

Why did they have a Declaration of Independence?

The colonists didn’t want to de part of the Britain government. The colonists had to pay for the destruction of the French and Indian war. It was also for the tea that got thrown over into the water. The colonists were sick of being bossed around and wanted to be free so they ended up making a declaration of independence.

What is the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence. On July 4, 1776, the Congress voted and accepted the wording of the declaration of independence. The declaration of independence included the Bill of Rights, and the Amendments. The Declaration of Independence is declaring the United States is no longer part of the British government.

Who are the main people that signed the Declaration of Independence?

Forming a New Government.

Articles of Confederation

The Articles of Confederation is the first plan of their government. The Articles were written so that they could get a new and seperate government. the voters of each state would elect leaders to their state legislatures. These state leaders would then choose representatives to a national called the Congress of Confederation. Each state, whetheer large or small, had one vote in the new Congress.   

By: Sada