Go Fourth!!

News & Tidbits from 4th Grade at HRRS

May 16, 2016

Happy Monday!

There are only four more Mondays left in our school year (one less because of Memorial Day); hard to believe! We are trying to avoid the "Spring Fever-itis" that seems to be contagious in the school, and stay focused for a few more weeks at least. :)

We are still continuing with our cross curricular Science & Language Arts. Our domain this week is Life Science with Insects as our topic in particular. Our Essential Question is "How do living things each have an important role in the world?". Our suffixes of the week are

-able and -ible, and our Spelling List 14 has words with the final long e sound.

In Math, we started out as one group diving into Geometry. I love the whole world of lines, angles, shapes, and terms like parallel, perpendicular, acute and obtuse that make up the world of Geometry. Fun!

In Social Studies, we are still studying the Native People groups (Plateau and Plains peoples this week) and explorers; in particular today, Sir Francis Drake. I hadn't quite remembered him as the gold-robbing pirate that we read about!

A special congratulations to Peter, Anthony and Daniel who won in a drawing at lunch today. They are part of the group that were chosen- along with other students from higher grades- to have a fabulous experience paint-balling with Mr. Farias and Fr. Wichert on Friday. Awesome!

God bless, and have a terrific week,

Mrs. Marthie Ramos

Fourth Grade Homeroom Teacher

Holy Rosary School

~ Important Upcoming Dates ~

* Friday, May 20th ~ Paint-balling Field Trip, all day

* Tuesday, May 24th ~ Jamba Juice, 3:00pm

* Wednesday-Thursday, May 25-26 ~ Early Dismissal for Conferences 12:00 pm

* Wednesday-Thursday, May 25-26 ~ Book Fair, 12:00- 3:00 pm

* Friday, May 27, and Monday, May 30 ~ No School, Memorial Day

* Friday, June 3rd ~ Walk-a-Thon, 9:00 am

* Tuesday, June 14 ~ 4th Grade Class Picnic, more details to follow

* Wednesday, June 14th ~ Field Day!