The Mysterious Poltergeist

Real or Not?

The Poltergeist Phenomenon

Is Poltergesit Real or Not?

History Behind The Poltergeist

A Poltergeist is basically just a ghost or spirt that shows its presence by making random noises, moving furniture and throwing stuff from unaided hands. Within each case of The Poltergeist, they all occur in England. Most of the cases that are shown happen around the 1990's and they all are usually on an August night.

Most Recent Information

Case 1 The Danny Case- "Jason and his father left out paper and crayons on to seek out to the spirit and when they came back written on the paper was 'Danny 7' " (Fishmans, 1999)

Case 2 The Enfield Case- "The happenings were thought to of been made up" " Once investigators came and searched the place, a marble was theown from an unseen hand." (Wagner,2016)

Case 3 The Thorton Heath Poltergesit- "A familys young son woke up to an angry man standing by his bedside in old fashioned clothes staring threatning at him." (Cooke, 2011)

Theorie of The Poltergeist

One of the main theories is that the poltergeist is real and its haunting.

What I Think

I believe that the some of the Poltergeist cases are real. There are some evidence pieces that can be questionable to if its real or not. For example with the Thorton Heath Case there were many different things that had happened in the household. "When the family had friends over there was loud knocking on the front door and the front door flung open." (Cooke,2011). With that being said i think the Poltergeist is real there is no way someone could fake that happening.

Some of the Most Famous Cases


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