By Karla Gomez

What information Do you Need In order to cite a Book?

What do I need in order to make a correct bibliography?

  • The Author
  • The year it was published (copyright date)
  • The title of the book
  • The city it was published in
  • The publisher
  • Number of pages
  • Medium (paper copy, online book, etc)

But what if I need to cite a website?

  • The Author
  • Name of webpage
  • Year, month, and day that the website was published/made
  • Year, month, and day accessed (the date you went to the website)

When you cite a webpage, it's similar to citing a book but easier. Very many times you will be able to find citations on the website you are searching information on.

How do I piece a citation?

Piecing a citation is difficult because you need specific punctuation. Lucky for us, you can access some websites, and very easily make a bibliography. Some of there are:

There are so many more that are fast and easy to use!

Research... Where do I find information?

There are very many reliable websites that are reliable. Here are some:

And many more!

But, do i need to cite images?

You do need to cite images unless you go to a website to where you don't need to cite.

here are some:

The picture below, I had to cite.

Koala Picture Citation:

Carey, Chris. koala01.jpg. 6/15/1996. Pics4Learning. 9 Oct 2015 <>

Big image

Keywords Help

If I am doing a research paper about what jaguars eat, and I go to search jaguars at the top of my screen I see "about 201,000,000 results (0.38 seconds)" that's way too much. I have to narrow down my results. With keywords you can narrow down your search very quickly by typing in a few words. On the second time, I typed in "Jaguars eat" because your computer will only serch for the words in your search, not the order. This time instead of giving me 201,000,000 results I only got 862,000.

Is It Reliable?

The first step to making sure that the website you chose is reliable by looking at the web address. If it ends in .com or .net it is probably not reliable because .net means network and .com mean commercial. The trust able ones are .edu (education) , .gov (government) and .org (organisation)

Look at the author. See if you can find anything about the author. Is there even an author listed?

Is there any types of citing?

What is MLA citation? MLA stands for modern language association. You use the MLA citation for almost everything you will cite.

What is an in text citation? In text citation is an abbreviation for a citation.

What is a works cited page? A works cited page is where all your references that are cited.

Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing

Quoting- When you use the authors exact words but put quotation marks around them.

Paraphrasing- When you change the authors words but keep the same idea.

Summarizing- When you take a large section of text and narrow it down to the main idea.

Okay, I know how to prevent plagiarism, but what exactly is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of presenting the words, images, sounds, or other creative expressions as your own. Next time you need information, don't copy and paste, use your own words.