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This Week in Band at PMMS (Nov 9-13, 2020)

Welcome To Second Quarter

Thank you for a GREAT first quarter of the year! We appreciate your flexibility, patience and support during these challenging times. Our hope is that music continues to play an important role in your child's life now and into the future.

We have MANY exciting things planned for this next quarter. The 6th graders are starting the process of learning full ensemble band music. Soon they will start learning their very own solo! The 7th grade band is continuing their communication with our friends in South Africa and Australia. We have learned a comprehensive warm-up routine and are now building on the number of major scales we can play. Soon we will begin a composition project using a program called Soundtrap where students will create their own music and collaborate with others to develop a larger work.

Still to come will be a virtual solo & ensemble festival, visits from composers, and more!

7th Grade 1st Quarter Reflections

Recently the 7th grade band members took time to reflect on their growth during 1st quarter. This information, along with Mr. Gleason's comments will be sent to 7th grade band families later tonight. I would encourage you to take a few minutes to look it over as there will not be a grade entered for quarter 1 by any of the music classes or PE. (Just quarters 2 and 4). I'm confident that you will find more value and information from this reflection than the typical letter or number grade. As always, reach out if you have questions or concerns. We are dedicated to your child's growth through music.

7th Grade Music Update

Thank you for coming to pick up the 7th grade music last week during the Marsh Pickup Day 2. IF you couldn't make it, we plan to mail the music to you. So...keep a lookout for a manila envelope headed your way.

Band Swag Makes A GREAT Gift!


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Show your band spirit with some band swag featuring our new band logo (designed by band parent Anne Hawley). New items have been added! Check it out!

South Africa Response

Our friends from the Roedean School in Johannesburg, South Africa have responded with a video of their own! Both South Africa and Australia enjoyed our recent videos to them and promised to send more to us in the near future.

Music is a universal language. Learning about other cultures allows us the opportunity to learn many things including perspective-taking. More to come!

Roedean School, South Africa Video 1

Previous Information

Band Fundraisers

Each year, the Sun Prairie Band Boosters hold fundraisers to support the band program. Funds raised help support our band students for things such as guest artists and clinicians. Students also benefit from these fundraisers directly by having a portion of the sales deposited directly into their band ledgers. (What's a band ledger? Click HERE to find out)

There are currently several opportunities for raising funds (please click links for details):

Fruit, Cookie Dough Sale (ends Nov 9)

Bucky Book Sale (Books are shipped - all done online!)

Band Swag Sale (ends Nov 22)

**No door to door sales should be done. Orders will be placed online. Contactless pick up of sold items will take place. See links above for all the details.

Need Supplies?

Visit Ward Brodt's website to order any band supplies you need. Order what you need and then at check out you can choose home delivery or school delivery under the shipping section. If you choose school delivery, your supplies will be delivered to Cardinal Heights and we will make sure you get them. If you are unsure what kind of reeds/valve oil/slide grease to purchase, we have attached a list of recommended supplies here.

Reading Notes In A Galaxy Not So Far Away!

In an effort to help our young musicians to learn how to read musical notation, we purchased a fun game called Staff Wars. This is an essential cognitive process, similar to reading text, that gets better with repetition. So....what better way to practice than with a game! Challenge your child to a match and see who gets the highest score!

  • Username: spasd

  • Password: readmusic2020

7th Grade Jazz -Tuesdays

7th grade jazz band is an additional opportunity for students to explore a different genre of music. This year we will be focusing on learning the 12 bar blues, improvisation, and some standard jazz charts and melodies.

7th Grade Jazz are on Tuesdays from 2:30-3:00 PM. All 7th grade musicians, regardless of instrument, are encouraged to join. 7th grade jazz will meet every Tuesday at that same time.

Join Mrs. Haraldson on Tuesdays to learn about this truly American art form. Here is the link:


  • CAMERAS - Please ask your child to turn on their cameras during class (If possible). Certainly, there are reasons to keep it off (WIFI signal strength, etc). However, we rely on seeing your children as much as we do hearing them. As you can imagine, seeing hand placement, embouchures (mouth), posture, instrument angles, etc are all visual cues that assist us. If your child's camera doesn't work on their Chromebook, please have them fill out an Incident IQ Repair Request online to get it fixed.

  • FOOD/DRINK - Please remind your kids that eating food and then playing immediately afterward will get food particles into their wind instruments causing damage. Students should take a drink of water after eating and before playing and always avoid eating while playing in general.

  • CHAIRS - We have noticed a number of students sitting on couches or recliners during their lesson or band class. Your child will play best using a hard, flat chair like a wooden kitchen chair. Students are encouraged to stand and play (depending on the instrument) as well. However, stay away from beds, couches, and other soft surfaces.

  • DOGS/CATS - Nothing wrong with this at all. Love seeing them : ) Even the fish.

Virtual Private Lessons are Here!

For students that are interested in taking private lessons for enrichment and extra help from a professional musician, please consider reaching out to our list of fantastic professional musicians. These are a group of people that are connected to Sun Prairie in various ways - some are alumni! Whether you participated in last year's "Band Lesson Academy" or you are looking for more - please check out this fantastic resource! To start lessons with any of these teachers, simply email them requesting a lesson time. Payment will be done between you and the teacher directly. Click Here to find a teacher:

Where Can We Find Information About Band This Year?


1. This newsletter will be sent every Sunday afternoon. It will contain the plan for the week, updates on classwork, and special events or opportunities.

2. Our PMMS Band Website will have weekly lesson plans, resources, links, and our weekly lesson schedule. I will also keep links to all of our newsletters on this website if you ever need to look for something shared previously but lost it in your inbox. Consider the website as the "go to" place to find out information this year.


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