News From the Nest

January 29


This week we continued to read nonfiction stories. We looked at how authors structure their text, such as comparing and contrasting information or writing in chronological order.

We will be using a new reading log starting next week. I will be asking the students to respond to what they have read and to get a parent signature on the log as well. I will explain the new reading log on Monday so the students are comfortable with what they will need to complete at home.

Students should now have their new AR levels and 3rd quarter AR goals. These were put into their binders. We have also been continuing with our fluency practice. Their "words per minute" scores are graphed and can also be found in their binders. Take a look at these with your child!

Next week we will be finishing up our nonfiction unit with a few more short articles to practice identifying and using the text features and information we've learned throughout this unit. We hope to give the Unit 2 assessment early next week.


We only had a chance to work on our opinion writing for a short time this week. However, we did get two class periods to work on the Young Author stories the students have been working on at home. We discussed typing the rough draft then editing and revising it either with a peer or adult. Next week I will discuss turning these stories into books that can be shared with others. I will be choosing the two best authors to represent our class at the district Young Author Conference.


We finished up our Real World Experience this week and the students were asked to write an essay comparing and contrasting multiplication and division. While our multiplication and division unit is now complete, I will continue to quiz the student on their basic facts several times during the week. They should be continuing to practice them at home as well. Students can practice facts on

We also were introduced to This is a game based website that involves solving mathematical problems to advance to higher levels. The students have been enjoying playing this in school (and perhaps you have heard from them at home as well!)

Next week we will start our Fraction Unit! Students can get a head start on understanding fractions using IXL topics: W.1 - W.8 These all practice identifying fractions.

Students can practice facts on

IXL Review topics:

Graphs: T.1, T.2, T.3, T.4, T.5, T.6, T.9, T.10

Perimeter: V.8, V.9

Area: V.10, V.11, V.12, V.13

Memorizing multiplication facts is crucial at this age. All mathematical concepts from now on will most likely rely on knowing these facts automatically, as well as being able to determine patterns on the multiplication chart. While we will focus on these skills daily, any additional assistance at home in helping your child practice these facts will be extremely beneficial.

A Few Reminders...

  • Signed Friday Folders due Monday, February 1st
  • Reading Logs due Monday, February 1st
  • Report Cards will be coming home next Friday
  • Parent-Teacher Conference notice is in your child's Friday Folder
  • Conferences will be Thursday, February 11th and Friday, February 12th
  • No School Monday, February 15th

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