Netiquette: Do's and Dont's

Online Etiquette


Online Etiquette is essential for any online community group to thrive. When reading, posting or engaging in an online dialog respect for others opinions should be of the foremost importance. Netiquette is should be exercised at all times when participating in an online community.

Do's and Dont's

There are several do's and dont's when participating in an online community. Netiquette can be summarized in one word: respect. When reading or commenting on another digital citizens post it is important to remember the person's expressions and tones are almost impossible to account for. Therefore every post and comment should be read and responded to with respect. Challenging ideas through a post or comment is encouraged and healthy. Posts and comments do not always have to be agreed upon, however, the way we challenge and discuss must be done in the same manner that a discussion would take place face to face. In addition, it is important to keep an open mind when reading a comment or post. Although someone else's opinions may not reflect your own, allowing yourself to consider another perspective is healthy and essential for a healthy digital community.