By:Adrian Bravo


Welcome to the world of snowboarding. All most important things you will need to know about this sport.

How the sport is played

First we will start out with how the sport is played. First when you go up in the air you have to be exact or you will fall down. When you play you are scored with decimal numbers. Y

ou need a lot of speed to go up the hills or else you fall when you try to go up.

Equipment you will need

Now we are going to learn about the equipment you will need. You will need special boot so you don't hurt your feet. Also there a whole lot of other stuff you will need depending on the type of snowboarding you do. But for freestyle you use soft boots and light boards. When you do alpine you will need a stiff board so you can flow more fluently. Also hard boots and a helmet.

The science of the sport

Now here the science of the sport. You have to keep up your speed so you can make the jumps. Some of the boards make friction to get moor acceleration. also you have to stay balanced or you will fall.

Fun facts

234 million dollars were spent on the 2014 Sochi winter Olympics.Last snowboarding first appeared in 1998.