Calorie intake

By:Kendall Kleckner

When does the body start to burn stored fat?

In order to burn stored fat, you have to create a negative calorie balance (AKA calorie deficit). This means that you would have to burn more calories than your calorie intake. For example, if you subtract the # of calories in to the calories out, the number has to be negative to burn stored fat. After all stored fat has been burned, the body starts to burn muscle tissue

What is the intake for a 15 year old boy and girl? How many hours do they burn per hour at work?

A 15 year old girl that is not active eats 1,000 calories and if shes active she eats 1,000-1,400 calories. A 15 year old boy that is not active eats 2,200 calories and if he is active he eats 2,400-2,800 calories. Both sexes burn around 500 calories per hour doing work, such as running (constant).

Auschwitz Worker

According to previous research, the body starts using its stored fat when there is a negative calorie deficit. In Auschwitz, the average 15 year old practically has a negative calorie deficit every hour. So to summarize this, a 15 year old will start to use its stored fat the first hour upon arriving. Then once all the stored fat is burned (in a few weeks), the muscles will start decaying. Unfortunately, the teenagers then die.
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