Come fly with us!

The ultimate sightseeing adventure!

What we do?

We offer you the experience of a lifetime - a safe, enjoyable, and memorable opportunity to see our beautifull island from above for a very affordable rate! We fly in a Cessna 172 which can take up to 3 passengers at a time without extra cost so you can all enjoy this experience together!

How much?

For now we have special starting rates:

  • 30 min flight to eastern part of the island OR western part of the island for only $99.99/ fl 179.99

  • 45 min flight to the eastern part of the island and Klein Curacao for only $129.99/ fl 229.99

  • 60 min flight around the island including Klein Curacao for only $ 194.99/ fl 350.00

These prices are all inclusive including Customs charge and landing Fees for 3 persons at a time.