Who Done It?

By Elise B, Cammie H, Anna N, and Emma S

Ms. Lecceardone was the Murderer!

Before the murder...

Jack Parrish is the victim in this murder mystery. He was a science/english teacher at the Lovett School who has brown hair, blue eyes, weight of 180 pounds, and height of 6'5 feet.

The Crime Scene...

In the crime scene there were...

  • Two bloody handprints on the wall
  • There was a bloody tissue next to the outline of the body on the floor
  • A chair was tipped over to the right of the body outline
  • On the white board, written in blood, was the letters HS, which stands for Habits and Skills
  • Mr. Parrish was reading and put a magazine in his left hand because after the murder the magazine was on the left side
  • There are half eaten gummy bears
  • On a chair there was a spoon with powder in it


Mr. Rice

When we interviewed him...

  • On his desk he had rat poison, which contains arsenic (wrong poison)
  • He was friendly with Mr. Parrish, and they would say "hi" in the hallway
  • There was not a lot of tension between the two
  • On Tuesday 1:30 pm, he was at the baseball facility with the rat poison to try and get rid of the rat infestation
  • At 4:00 pm, he was taking a call from a friend near the mall in Gainsville, GA where he was shopping for Christmas presents

Mr. Rice was not suspicious because he didn't have the poison that killed Mr. Parrish, and they did not have any problems with each other.


Math Formulas...

During the math portion of this project, we figured out that Mr. Parrish died at 4:30 pm on November 19.
  • If Mr. Parrish was given cyanide, he would have been given a dosage at 4:00 pm on November 19, since it takes 30 minutes to kill.
  • If Mr. Parrish was given arsenic, he would have been given a dosage at 1:30 pm on November 19, since it takes three hours to kill.
  • If Mr. Parrish was given Amanita Phalloides, he would have been given a dosage at 4:30 pm November 14, since it takes five days to kill.