Weekly Updates!

Here is what's going on in 5th Grade this week!

Quick Note- Half Day Today!

Just a quick reminder that today, October 14th, will be a half day for students! This is due to Professional Development that the teachers will be attending. Please know that all afternoon class connects are canceled today and that we will return all e-mails and phone calls when we return on Monday. Thank you!
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Orchard Outing- October 21st!

This Friday are our state-wide Orchard Outings! There will be no class connects this day due to our hope that everyone will attend! Please fill out the following form to tell us which orchard outing you and your family plan to attend: https://goo.gl/forms/FVoyP00CswUGr2zj1

What to do this week!

Below is a picture of what to do this week. Remember that you are free to skip any optional lessons, even if they appear on the curriculum map! Think of them as optional additional help lessons.

For math, please make sure you review lessons 1 & 2 and work on 3-5 as much as possible. We will be covering lessons 3 & 4 in class. The exit ticket will cover lessons 1-4 so know that if you didn't pass the exit ticket from this past week, you will have more opportunities!

Science- From last week, if you click on the images they will get bigger and they become readable. :) This week, please make sure you attend class on Thursday at 10 a.m. and complete the exit ticket, as this will be the only assignment for this week!

Here is the link to the Map:
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Schedule Change!

You may have noticed a change in our Science/History time! From now on, we will be meeting on Thursday from 10-11 for those classes. Please remember how important it is to attend and complete the exit tickets for those sessions. They are worth the vast majority of your Science grade. Thank you!


You guys are well on your way to creating an awesome writing piece! Here are a couple notes for your Learning Coaches so that you know what we've been up to in class:

- Students are working on a personal narrative, a story about their lives, that is focused on a powerful memory they have. These powerful memories should be about an important people (or important places) in our lives and memories that we have with them. This is very similar to the pre-assessment they did last week in writing.

At this point, students should have the following completed:
- A rough draft of the memory written in their google docs containing at least three paragraphs
- 5 Sensory descriptions (think sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste) added to their text in purple
- Specific details about what happened in the story- go beyond simple facts. We want to to be able to picture what is happening.

-We've asked that they do not delete anything, including their pre-assessment, in their Google doc unless they are just revising their work. We are keep all of their work in this Google doc so that they can have a writing portfolio at the end of the year of all of their hard work!
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Parent Teacher Conferences will be taking place over the month of October! This will be a great opportunity for us to talk about your child and how they can grow this year. It will also be a wonderful chance for me to answer any questions you still have. I will be scheduling these, starting next week, so keep an eye on your class connects page to see when yours will be! They will be short, about 10-15 minutes each, but will be full of important information so you don't want to miss it! Due to our tight schedules, we will not be able to reschedule your meeting if the time doesn't work for you. If you are unable to attend, we will send you a video of the meeting and will give you a chance to respond with questions. We are very much looking forward to talking with you all! You have some WONDERFUL students!