Community Safety Message

Witherlea School: Friday 10th September, 2021

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Near Miss

Last night, for the second time this year, we received news that a child from Witherlea had been hit by a car.

It is the second time that it has involved a scooter. It is the second time that it has involved crossing the road ON the scooter and it is the second time that witnesses reported that the child just went out in front of the car.

It is not the second NEAR MISS - we have had many but it is the second time the car has made contact with the child, this year.

After last time we had Constable Josh Reidie come and speak to classes from Year 3-6 regarding how to keep themselves safe when crossing roads; walking or scootering.

Ms Harnett has been to every classroom today from Year 2-6 to deliver a message;

  • Every child is responsible for their own safety
  • They keep themselves safe by following the rules

Ms Harnett does not want to deliver the worst kind of news to this community, that a child has been seriously injured or killed.

We have made some decisions today at school as we want to be proactive about these worrying incidents and how dangerous scooter riding can be.

We have had so many accidents from students coming off scooters at high speed and hitting their heads and also thinking they can literally SCOOT across a road, faster than a car than we ever have had with students on bikes.

We want this to change. We need your help.

Rules for Witherlea School; from Monday

  1. Wear a helmet when riding on a scooter or bike to school
  2. Walk your scooter between school and McKenzie Street (already a rule)
  3. Walk your scooter across roads
  4. Use crossings where possible
  5. Use safe places to cross - 'good vision' and LOOK

We will have consequences for students NOT following the rules;

  • Their scooter taken off them for a period of time
  • A ban from riding to and from school on a scooter

OR If we see continual dangerous decision making we will have to think about a COMPLETE BAN on scooter riding to and from school.

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