Red Scare VS Salem Witch Trails

By: Noelle Kaspar

Red Scare AKA McCarthyism

In the 1950's, people wanted explanations as to why some crazy things were happening. A man named Joesph McCarthy started just accusing people and saying reasons why those things were happening. Many people automatically believed him, didn't question him cause they didnt know any better. He attacked many people accusing them of being communist, most of the people were holywood stars, book writers, people in war and even people in office. He ruined many peoples lives and was an awful man.

Salem Witch Trials

In Salem in 1692, many people were paranoid. These girls just started having fits and the doctor couldn't figure out anything wrong with them so the doctor said they were bewitched. They started screaming out names of people in the town saying it was there fault. The citizens were hung (19 overall). After a while someone made a point that instead of killing all these innocent citizens, the girls who are making all this trouble should be hung and maybe that'll get rid of the problem.


In both stories, there was no hard prove that anything was going on. People just believed what they were told. In the end of each trial, Abigail and McCarthy were both hated people.