Standardized Testing

Are they really worth it? I don't think so.

Standardized tests are an unfair measure of students’ academic performance and should be changed drastically or abandoned.

Opt Out of Standardized Tests

Government Involvment

No Child Left Behind Act 2001 President George W. Bush- It didn't show any increase in scores some scores even fell

Every Child Succeeds Act 2015 President Barack Obama-

Richard P. Phelps, PhD

  • Unfair to some students - poverty, disabilities, non-English speaking
  • Standardized testing takes time away from other subjects - PE, art, music
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Michael Levin-Epstein

  • Standardized testing creates more negative experiences than it benefits
  • Testing causes stress - teachers, parents, and students; one test can determine future
  • Teachers punished, schools close, students can't continue education
  • Pressure to cheat
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Standardized Testing Needs Changed

  • Adjusted to learning abilities of each student
  • Teach creativity and problem solving
  • Life skills

Performance on standardized tests should not determine the future of students, schools, or teachers.