Week of November 17th

News You Can Use

Monday - 11/17: Fire Evacuation

Tuesday - 11/18: 1st and 2nd grade AMC meeting @ 3pm at Costner - Take your Assessment Kit

Tuesday - 11/18: Principal's Meeting Rice off campus

Wednesday - 11/19: Kia Outstanding Educator Awards @ Stuart W. Cramer High School @ 4:00 p.m.

Wednesday - 11/19: Staff Meeting @ 3pm

Thursday - 11/20: Cardinal of the Month Lunch and Holiday Lunch Grades 3,4,5 only

(K,1,2, Will be in December).

Wednesday - 11/26: Student Holiday/Teacher Annual Leave

Thursday - 11/27: Thanksgiving Holidays

Wednesday - 12/3: Judy Goings PD Sessions

Thursday - 12/4: Class, Club and Make-up Pictures

Tuesday - 12/16: Holiday Music Program @ 5:30pm

B WEEK - Revised Duty

AM Duty 7:15-7:45

B Week

Media (K-1): Hill

Car Doors:Hardin/Peterson

PM Duty 2:30-3:00

Café: Miller/Cissel/Ijames

Car Door:/Branch/Motes/

Vans: McClain/Kelly/Jones

Daily Duty


Front Door: Greenlee

Café: Reep/Knox

Office Support: Child

Gym (2-5): Armstrong/Glenn (M&T)

Hallway: TBA


Café: Hardin

Bus Monitors: Gingles/McDowell

Car Radio: Gates

Vans/Daycare Radio: Setzer

Hallway: TBA

Things I Wish Ms. Rice Knew...

Okay Staff. . . Monday and Monday only is your opportunity to place anonymous information in my box. It's like a survey with only the question that you want on it. Place information in my box that will allow me to see things differently about you, your class, your job, your family or just anything - with or without you name .

So many times I say to parents in meetings. I had no idea...thank you for giving us that key piece of information. I don't always give you the right time to tell me those key bits and pieces. It is not intentional but the expectation that you are sharing. In recent PLCs I keep twisting my head to the side with surprise to find out things that I should have known. To your and my defense there just hasn't been a lot of time for small talk. . . that is sometimes big talk.

Please use a sheet of paper to just drop off information that you think would be helpful for me to know. Here is a list that I would share with my boss if given the opportunity:

  • Stop talking for a moment and start listening to what is going on at FHES
  • I wish that you trusted our school priorities are on track and would wait until next school year to implement new instructional expectations rather than in January of 2015.
  • Understand that from start to finish, a small school has the same responsibilities as a large school and should be respected with adequate staffing and funding.

I look forward to hearing from you on he 17th. No special form or survey...just a piece of paper with your comments and name if you'd like or not.

Thanks for working at Forest Heights and I am really trying to respect each of you as professionals. We have to DRESS, THINK, SPEAK and ACT like we want to be treated (professionally).

  • I will let you know if we need to address issues as a staff of SIT

Please be on time and prepared for PLCs this week

PLC has a full agenda for each grade level. Make sure you come prepared

Fire Evacuation

This could be lunch or afternoon ....what is your plan. Don't be caught off guard. Fires don't wear watches.

Happy Birthday


Denise Ijames' Birthday November 10th

Erin Gates' Birthday November 12th

Jaye Brackett's Birthday November 21th

Steve Smarr Birthday November 24th

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Pest and Food Waste

Please help us fix our problem.

  • What is your class procedure?
  • Did you know that Pest and Rodents love fruit and veggies
  • Train our students today on how and where to throw food away
  • NEW TODAY: Look for trash cans that are marked to dispose of any food trash.
  • They will have a sticker or sign on them. These are the cans that will be emptied first every night.
  • This disposal includes when students test an item and they decide against it. Ranch packets or special sauces should go in food disposal receptacles
  • Classroom party food or snack should be treated like fruit and veggies
  • District office is sending us a few more cans to help us stay pest free
  • Our custodians have started to wash each trash can out and sterilize as a means to get rid of our pesky flying friends.
  • Each classroom will be given a few extra can liners to throw food away in the case you cannot get to the specially marked cans easily.
  • Please do not put liquids and food trash in the cans that are not labeled for food trash.

The cold weather may help, but you and your students assistance is much needed to help us stop the breeding of the insects. Make our food disposal habit.

Remember to return you food trays before 1pm each day. The Cafe Staff needs time to rise prior to departure daily. Remember they are off by 1:30pm.

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Recycle Bins

Classroom Recycle bins are scheduled to be in our building sometime in the next week or two. Please keep in mind that this project is district wide and will take some time to get a good routine going.

Please take the time to speak about how this program helps our environment and what items can be recycled. Paper - Plastic- Aluminum and so much more can now be placed in the recycle container. NO FOOD ITEMS or containers containing food. Recycle items can not be contaminated with liquids or food . Think clean items...

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Peter Pan

We would like to invite you and your students to a special Gaston County Schools showing of Peter Pan presented by the Gaston Day Thespians.

  • We are having a day time show just for schools on April 16 at 9:30 AM
  • It is a great show for children and we recommend grades three through five. The cost is $5 per student (Chaperoning Teachers are FREE).
  • Reservations will begin immediately!
  • Seating is limited to the first 500 people so please get your information into me before you leave for your Christmas/Winter break – seats will be first come, first served! The absolute deadline to reserve your seats is March 1st.

We hope you and your students will join us as Peter and the Darling children literally FLY across the stage!

TEACHERS HELP our school and keep us Safe, Organized, Accountable and Responsible. . . . .S. O.A. R. with us!

Schedules are so important.

  • Don't forget if you have an IEP meeting to check the calendar for coverage
  • If you need to reserve the mini computer lab see Summer Kelly
  • See the schedule if you are reserving the gym for 3-5 this is only during construction and bad weather days.
  • Staff Resource Folder in Google Drive has almost all if the schedules needed to be successful. Please let me know if something is missing.