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Winter Edition

Graphic Novels

Students at YES are crazy for graphic novels! We have tried over the past year to boost our collection to meet the high demand. Graphic novels are a small but mighty way to keep our reluctant readers reading, fuel the need for more books for those kids who love reading a series, and teach some more difficult science and social studies standards in an easy to read format. Graphic novels are loved by both boys and girls alike. They are particularly great for hooking those who don't think of themselves as readers. Check out some of our new favorites below.

Graphic Novels Meet the Classics

After spending time introducing students to the classic novels in the library, Mrs. Ozbun worked with 5th graders to create graphic novels/comics using the Comic Maker iPad app. Students who had read a classic novel were given library time to transform the book into a comic strip. Here are two examples from fifth graders Alara and Annaliese.

Great Websites

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Stefanie Onieal (Literacy Media Specialist) and Melia Ozbun (YES Library Aide)

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