Navigating Cherokee

By: Natalie S, Jenna E, Maggie K, and Gabriel L

How we can make the new 6th graders know where they are going around Cherokee

Room Numbers, Teachers, and what they teach.

As in core classes, specialties, and office. Core Classes are the classes you have to take. Specialties are what you can choose to take. Office is where you go if you have questions or need to see a teacher such as, the counselor, the nurse, or the principal or vice principal.

Core Classes

Reading-Room 158- Teacher Ms.Wortley

Social Studies- Room 159- Mrs.Breese

Math-Room 162-Ms.Larson

English-Room 164- Mrs.Butterworth

Science-Room 167- Ms.Doyle

2nd Period Specialties

P.E- Girls Locker Room- 146- Coach Ballenger

P.E- Boys Locker Room- 148- Coach Chillers

Big Gym-Room-150

Health-Room-180- Mrs. Michael

Gateway To Technology-Room-176- Ms.Jimenez

3rd Period Specialties/ Office

Orchestra-Room-173- Mrs. Georgiades

Band- Room-144-Mr. Bruner

General Music-Room-142- Mr. Zinecker

Art- Room-143- Ms. Sholtis


Library- Room-100B/105- Ms.Bueno


Counselor- Mr.Petree or Mrs. Wilson



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