Cells are life it self so call me celltacular

Cell wall

The cell wall is like a wall it keeps up building and holds everything in place.The cell wall gives structure and protein.


A ribosome is like a airplane wheels because without the wheels it can't move to take off. It is like a human, without protein we can't function correctly. A ribosome is makes protein from DNA directions.


A mitochondria is like jet fuel. With out jet fuel a jet can't functions correctly. Or it can't function at all. Carries out cellular respiration which provides energy.


A nucleolus is like a 2nd brain to you're to your cells through DNA communicating. A nucleolus produces ribosomes.


A vacuoles is like a roller coaster but at the end of that coaster it get ride of waste it also stores thing to. A vacuoles does storage, digestion and excretion.
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